Why Character Matters to YOU? By Myles Munroe

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Never live without a noble character.

Why Character Matters to YOU?

Character matters to you because is the most effective tool on earth, more important than

  1. It establishes and strengthens your inner life so that you are a person of integrity and honour.
  2. It enables you to effectively fulfill your purpose and potential.
  3. It protects your leadership and your vision-preventing you from cancelling them prematurely and enabling you to leave a legacy for your own generation.

Leadership Keys

Three vital components of leadership:

  1. PURPOSE – Vision
  2. POTENTIAL – Ability
  3. PRINCIPLES – Values

Leadership is:

  1. Purpose – Mentality – Vision
  2. Potential – Ability – Power
  3. Principles – Responsibility – Character
    • Are the foundation of character

The Three Essentials of Leadership

Three components of leadership:

  1. Principles produce character.
  2. Character is more important than charisma.
  3. Values are more important than vision.

Leadership is impossible without a

  1. A guiding vision and a purpose.
  2. A deep passion for accomplishment.
  3. Principles that regulate leadership behaviour.

Integrating Vision and Values

  1. Vision without values is destiny without discipline.
  2. Vision is protected by values.
  3. Vision is interpreted through values.
  4. The organizational vision is corporate purpose in pictures.
  5. Organizational values are corporate convictions manifested.
  6. Vision and values are the marriage of purpose and principles.

Character Accountability

  1. Character is accountability to self-others and God.
  2. Accountability is the obligation to report to those who are responsible TO and Responsible FOR.
  3. Accountability is commitment to your personal integrity.
  • Personal decision is never private.
  • Your private life is simply a demonstration of your public declaration.

The Power of Character

  • Character and integrity are protection of leadership.

Leadership without Character

  1. Leadership without character is Power with Principle.
  2. Leadership without character is gifts of the Spirit without the fruit of the Spirit.
  3. Leadership without Character is an abuse of Trust.
  4. A leader’s gift is only as safe as the Character that contains it
  5. Violation of Character forfeits the privilege to use serve your gift.

The Priority of Character

  • The goal of true leadership is Integrity.
  • The most important component of leadership is Character.
  • Character is integrity manifested.

“A leader leads by example whether he intends to or not.”

Character in Leadership

  • The creditability of leadership is CHARACTER.
  • The force of Leadership is CHARACTER.
  • The trust of leadership is CHARACTER.
  • The legitimacy of Leadership is CHARACTER.
  • The integrity of Leadership is CHARACTER.