Does the web hosting plans affect help traffic seo

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For those asking how, explaination


Does web hosting help your traffic and ranking 

For those asking how, here's what I meant.

Web hosting comes in different categories

-Shared hosting

- Virtual Private Server (VPS)

-Cloud hosting

-Dedicated server.

The category you opt for is responsible for the number of visitors that come your website monthly. 

For newbies (in case you don't understand what web hosting is),

To get your website or blog ready, you need to get a domain name.

When that is done,

The second activity is to host the domain name you just registered

Whether it's or or

Now, when you get to the hosting phase you have to option to buy a Shared hoisting or any other.

Shared hosting is for regular business.

But if your site will be dealing with a lot of people like raking in traffic, VPS, Clouding Hosting are ideal.

VPS is good for blogs.

How much does it cost to create a website in Nigeria?

?Shared hosting is about $30 - $168 per year. 

It's usually for official business website.

?VPS/Cloud Hosting is $250 - $1700 per year.

?Dedicated server is $1400 - $4200 per year.

Now, the reasons why most of our bloggers get stunted traffic is primarily because they bought on shared hosting.

That's understandable because it's the cheapest.

You will still get traffic but not as the VPS.

So before you compare your stats with the other Uncle, understand where they're coming from.