AI Colorizer pours fresh life into old black-and-white photographs

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Pixbim expands its expert photo colorization services to anyone who wants to turn their old black and white photos into vivid, vibrant hues.

Photographs are the finest way to record ephemeral moments and relive memories from a certain period. With today's technical breakthroughs, images are more colorful and lifelike than ever before.


However, there are documented images in the past that we would like to view in brilliant colors, as historical photographs are mostly in black and white.


What exactly are black and white photographs?


Monochrome images recorded to generate an artistic impression are also known as black and white photos. Because cameras were not as advanced as they are now, most vintage images are in this format. If you've seen images of your grandparents born around 1860 or earlier, they were most likely in black and white.


Even though most photos nowadays are in brilliant color, black and white photography remains a kind of art that produces a distinct and pleasing result. Colorless photos are usually more intriguing to look at than colorful ones.


Why colorize a black-and-white photograph?


As previously said, black and white photographs have dull and misleading visuals. The captured moments are less distinct and lifelike, affecting the relationship between the snapshot and the viewer. There is a space between them because the snapshot does not provide much to the viewers' sight. As a result, colorizing black and white pictures is critical for giving the images a new life and making memories more vivid.


Colorize old photos, on the other hand, may strike you as a difficult operation that only skilled graphic editors can perform. That is no longer the case, since there are a plethora of digital tools for coloring vintage images available to practically everyone. Using AI picture colorizing tools, you can colourise photo or simply add color to a black and white photo in a few simple steps.