Are Solar Panels Right For Your Home?

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Going solar is one of the hottest things talked about today. This, along with electric vehicles, is certainly something to consider, especially if you'd like to reduce your energy expenses. But are they right for everyone? We would like to think so, but that really isn’t the case. Solar panels fit a niche market more than you might realize. Not only does your home need to have the right location and exposure to the sun, but you’ll also need to be a power-consuming powerhouse for it to make much sense financially. Let's take a look at some of the things you’ll need to consider for solar panel installation.


You Use A Ton of Energy

You need to use quite a bit of power for solar to be worthwhile. Sunpower adds, “Knowing how much you pay for energy is the first step in evaluating whether your house is a good candidate for solar. The main question is, will it save you money? In some areas, electricity is very inexpensive. For most homeowners, the electricity bill is a dreaded monthly expense. The general rule is that solar makes the most financial sense for someone with a monthly electricity bill of at least $75. Why? Because going solar replaces utility energy with solar energy, we want our customers to see a return on that investment by paying less for that energy. A utility bill of $75 is the threshold at which residential solar customers will see solar savings. There are several ways to go solar, depending on a customer's needs and goals. “


The Grid Isn’t Available To You—Yet.

If electricity isn't available to your property right now, going solar might be the only option for you. If the grid hasn't reached you yet, you may want to consider available options for solar. Not only is this a cost-saving way to bring electricity to you, but it's also using a renewable resource.


You Want To Be Self Sufficient

Would you like to disconnect from the grid altogether? Buying your own solar panels can help you disconnect from the grid and be self-sufficient. We highly recommend purchasing your solar panels outright versus leasing them from a company. You have to sell back your overage to the grid when leasing from a company. The whole process can be quite confusing.


Who To Call

Some plumbers are capable of handling not just your plumbing but also solar panel installations. This is typical when the wellington plumber also offers home service solutions like electric work.