Do you think Madden nfl 23 Can Improve NFL 21's Face of Franchise Style

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If Madden nfl 23 is on the to be released, the game probably bring one of the brand's most recent features with it. The Face of the franchise first showed into the game within Mut 23 coins, and the sequel was added to Madden nfl 22. The kind of tweaks Electronic Arts makes to the mode in the coming year, its ongoing existence could be a positive or a bad thing. There are certain elements that can be improved to help Face of the Franchise follow up on the promises it presented when it first launched.

Madden nfl 23 features a myriad of areas that could use some improvement The game isn't perfect, but Face of the Franchise stands on its own. In the event that Electronic Arts doesn't nail it this time, there's a good chance it'll be a distant memory for players. Face of the Franchise's debut as part of Madden NFL 20 was good but not outstanding. The follow-up did not significantly improve over the first edition of the mode. But, if the developers make a few changes this mode may see new life.RELATED: Madden Player Loses Simple Victory Through Showboating

More High School/College Play

One of the most innovative features to Madden nfl 22 Face of the Franchise was the possibility of choosing the real college team, and then participate in college playoffs. While EA Sports College Football may not arrive anytime soon it doesn't mean Electronic Arts can't take advantage of the licensing arrangement it's already worked out. It's not just that players should be allowed to choose more colleges to choose from, but they should get to play more games. The game should be or will have all season long, but it's a great improvement to truly feel as that the player is actually living in a college.

Better Story

Madden nfl 23 might be just a rumor at the moment, but if and when it does land, and it brings a new Face of the Franchise installment along, the story is bound to be improved. A portion of this can be addressed by not flashing through the game's history at the speed it did in the previous mode. More college life, more games and more interaction with characters that don't appear like they're there just to get things along.Adding to the aspects of EA Sports College Football to make it feel like a player is truly navigating a young career will help. However, there needs to be something for the player to do when the protagonist isn't playing a game. This story should start out from the very beginning. There's an explanation for why the focus has been on the college and high school days. This is where the stage gets set, but the emphasis can't depend on when the hero is able to make it to the top of the line.

Another method to create better storytelling, one that is more immersive madden 23 coins cheap. is to make dialogue trees that actually go somewhere. Although players can decide what the protagonist will say to someone during conversations being conducted but it's not really that their choices are crucial. There are all kinds of games that Electronic Arts can take pointers from. The belief that choosing one direction or specific dialog choice can alter the direction of your career within Face of the Franchise could be a huge step in making the experience somewhat better.