What is the responsibility of Application Management?

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What is the responsibility of Application Management?

What is the responsibility of Application Management?

Application Management is chargeable for managing the application within the entire cyclic period. It manages the software applications for the business or client. The appliance management team ensures the servers are ready before implementing the system and monitors the rollout process to catch the problems. They supply systems-related technical support and problem resolution by reviewing issues and providing relevant solutions. The applications management team creates, develops, and oversees protocol and procedure for usage once standards are established. Applications managers need an academic degree in computing, IT, or related fields and fluency in software and systems. The Applications management analyses the structure and flow of the business work to identify possible application solutions. They need to be aware of the latest software developments and think of ways to apply it into the software to make the business more prominent and successful.

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Is Application Management a function in ITIL?

Yes, application management can be a function in ITIL. ITIL Application Management is a fixed activity compared to application development. It is a one-time set practice to make the application. The primary objective of the ITIL Application Management Function is to control and enhance the development of the application throughout its lifecycle. It helps design, test, operate and enhance the IT service.


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It also plays a crucial role in understanding the required skills for operating the organization process. ITIL Application Management lifecycle comprises five fundamental functions- from defining application prerequisites to the style of the application, assembling or building and testing, and deploying and ensuring effective operation to enhancing the optimization of the application.

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