Trip to Saavn

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My expedition drive to SaavnMy expedition drive to SaavnMy expedition drive to Saavn

This travelogue has been more than a year in the making. Mainly since this was not a wild life travelogue  but also because if you don't do it immediately, things have a way of being postponed and postponed and ... until it kind of takes a third row seat and basically gets forgotten about. A user here, superbad, recently posted his New Zealand travelogue two years after he travelled and that reminded me of this half-written one of mine. I thought this would a good time to revive it and finally hold it up proudly to the world (well, at least T-BHP, but hey, you know what I mean!). Better late than never, etc., etc. Note that some of the numbers were correct as on August 2017 and I haven't corrected them. Too lazy. So here goes. 

Fair warning: This is going to be one long multiple post with nearly 200 photos, so I hope you won't get bored quickly. After all, the things we saw and did in nine days can't be compressed into one or two posts.

What struck me most about the beautiful country of Sri Lanka is that almost half the cars on the road are hybrid! Later, we came to know that most new cars sold are hybrids, unless it is a big SUV. Even some of the SUVs have some form of hybrid engine here. The non hybrids are mainly public transports and goods carriers, like buses and autos and trucks. The Toyota Prius dominates the medium car segment here. There are more Priuses (Priusii?) on the roads than any other hybrid car. Domination. Why oh why is this not prevalent in India? Why are the manufacturers not bringing hybrids to the market? While we are wrangling about BS V and BS VI, other countries have quietly moved to hybrid and even pure electric.


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